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“HOW TO” WEBINAR SERIES - TISSUESDiscover the PreOmics’ methods for a range of sample types

Interactive video of sample preparation for mammalian tissues, with expert hints and tips!


PreOmics has developed a fast, reliable and standardized technology for sample preparation of peptide and protein samples ready for mass spectrometric analysis that is being applied in an increasing number of application areas to advance life science research.

What can you expect?

Live demonstration of sample preparation for mammalian tissues - your questions answered by our expert.


  • Introduction to the iST technology
  • Watch Fabian explaining step by step how to process mammalian tissue using our iST technology
  • Q&A: Fabian Hosp answering your individual questions

Dr. Fabian Hosp

Head of Applications at PreOmics

Fabian is our technical expert for 

all questions related to our iST technologies and automation

Plan: How will you use the PreOmics’ kits in your research?

  • Simplify label-free and chemical labeling workflows with iST and iST-NHS kit protocols
  • Improve reproducibility in sample preparation
  • Accelerate your research, less than three hours from samples to autosampler vial
  • Utilize protocols for biological fluids, fresh & FFPE tissue lysates, model organisms and immunoprecipitations

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