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Thought Leadership Webinar Series

With guest speaker Dr. Sasha Singh from Harvard Medical School

With guest speaker Dr. Sasha Singh of Harvard Medical School

Using Stable isotope tracer kinetics with HR/AM spectrometry to help modernize our view of HDL

PreOmics is delighted to present our third speaker in the Thought Leadership Webinar Series 2021.

Dr. Sasha Singh from Brigham and Women's Hospital/Harvard Medical School: Using Stable isotope tracer kinetics with HR/AM spectrometry to help modernize our view of HDL.


Mass spectrometry(MS)-enabled tracer (eg., D3-Leu) studies are useful to determine the metabolism of circulatory proteins and elucidate mechanisms of action of a drug target. Tracer studies are challenging as circulatory proteins are slowly metabolized, resulting in very low tracer incorporation needing low limits of detection. Sasha will present how HR/AM targeted MS can detect tracer in peptide fragments of proteins, such as apoA-I, apoE, LCAT and CETP, from the “good cholesterol” lipoprotein HDL isolated from subjects enrolled in a diet intervention study. D3-Leu tracer intensity was 100s to 1000s-fold less than the D0-Leu counterpart throughout the 3-day monitoring period, yet, detailed kinetic profiles were attained. More importantly, these proteins’ kinetics revealed a significantly more complex metabolic structure of HDL than previously thought; potentially impacting future strategies aiming to increase HDL to treat dyslipidemia. Emphasis will be placed on workflow consistency via sample preparation automation that is required to obtain quality data supporting paradigm-shifting research directly impacting patient care.

Agenda and Speakers

September 15, 2021 (10:00 EDT | 15:00 BST | 16:00 CEST)

  • 5 min - Welcome and intro by Russell Golson
  • 30 min - Presentation by Dr. Sasha Singh: Using Stable isotope tracer kinetics with HR/AM spectrometry to help modernize our view of HDL
  • 15 min - Q&A session

Your questions answered by experts:

Dr. Sasha Singh – Director Proteomics Research, Brigham and Women's Hospital, Harvard Medical School, Boston, USA

Dr. Sasha Singh completed her MSc (Developmental Genetics, 2001) and Ph.D. (Biochemistry/Protein Crystallography, 2007) degrees in the Department of Cell and Systems Biology at the University of Toronto (2007). She then joined the labs of Steen and Steen at Children’s Hospital Boston/Harvard Medical School to complete her post-doctoral studies in mass spectrometry guided research. Dr. Singh joined the Center for Interdisciplinary Cardiovascular Sciences (CICS) at Harvard Medical School in 2012. The center aims to understand the causes of cardiovascular diseases and find new treatments. In particular, Dr. Singh has co-authored studies describing molecular drivers of calcific aortic valve disease and vascular inflammation, and she also developed a novel mass spectrometric platform to perform detailed steady-state kinetic studies in vivo.  

Russell Golson – Chief Commercial Officer at PreOmics

Russell spent the first 15 years of his working life as a Nuclear Controls Engineer within Britains Royal Navy. For the last 20 years he has worked within a number of innovative genomics and proteomics companies commercializing sample preparation and automated handling solutions. Russell joined PreOmics to stimulate global sales in 2017.

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