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Next generation solutions for proteomics sample preparation


Join this on-demand webinar to learn how to simplify, speed up, and standardize your proteomics sample preparation for LC-MS.

We will introduce the PreOmics easy-to-use iST technology. This fast 3-step workflow is designed to be a great support for both those new to proteomics and experts alike. The all-in-one iST kits are compatible with a variety of starting materials, including mammalian and plant samples, different types of tissue and cells, as well as various biological fluids in label-free and chemical labeling applications. The protocols promise an incredibly fast processing time (<2.5 hours) and are easily applied without compromising sample quality or proteomic depth. Furthermore, iST can be fully automated to further increase standardization, reproducibility, and throughput.

The speakers will also introduce PreON, a fully automated sample preparation platform, as well as different levels of automation for established liquid handling platforms. The varying applications for the iST technology ranging from global proteomics to pre-clinical studies will also be discussed.

Key learning objectives:

  • Discover best practices for proteomics sample preparation with solutions for new users and proteomics experts alike
  • Learn more about fast, easy, and reliable sample preparation protocols for LC-MS-based proteomics
  • Explore automation, standardization, and upscaling of proteomics sample preparation
  • Learn more about the applications of iST sample preparation kits and solutions in global proteomics as well as pre-clinical research

Speaker information:

Dr.  Ingrid Albrecht-Walz

Product Manager


Dr. Vincenzo Romaniello

Product Manager


Dr. Zuzana Demianova

Product Manager


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