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BeatBox homogenizer: from the basics of the instrument to data comparison




The PreOmics BeatBox is an evolution in high-throughput tissue homogenization. The BeatBox gives users the flexibility to process up to 96 samples in as little as 10 minutes without sample cross-contamination and minimal heat induction.

With the BeatBox, tissue homogenization becomes seamlessly integrated into the PreOmics iST sample preparation workflows. 

During this webinar you'll experience a step-by-step demonstration on how to use the BeatBox. Our PreOmics experts will present the latest data from the group of Prof Matthias Mann for proteomics sample preparation and the most recent in-depth proteomic results.

  • Dr. Zuzana Demianova (PreOmics Biopharma Marketing development manager) will share early access data from the group of Prof Matthias Mann utilizing the technology in their research programs.

    The PreOmics BeatBox is reinventing the process of sample homogenization through its outstanding performance enabling highly efficient processing of large sample cohorts. For proof of principle, we processed four different tissue types (brain, jaw muscle, liver and quadricep muscle) using the BeatBox and two traditional homogenization techniques. Results demonstrate enhanced protein yields and improved reproducibility for the BeatBox technology without sample to sample cross-contamination. Proteome coverage and subclasses were comparable for all tested homogenization methodologies.

  • Katrin Hartinger (PreOmics Senior Scientist in Research and Development) will speak about her work using the BeatBox in combination with the iST plus fractionation workflow for in-depth analysis of various tissue proteomes.

    Tissue homogenization is one of the most crucial and challenging steps in tissue preparation for LC-MS analysis. Here, Katrin will present a novel tissue lysis workflow on the BeatBox platform, enabling efficient and reproducible protein extraction for 96 samples in 10 minutes in comparison to a conventional sonication and boiling technique. Coupling BeatBox homogenization with the robust iST sample preparation allowed the identification of, for example, ~4300 proteins in mouse brain tissue in less than 4 hours total processing time. Going even deeper into proteomic depth the BeatBox iST workflow was combine with the iST-Fractionation Add-on which increased the protein identifications by, on average, 40% compared to unfractionated samples.


  • 5 min – Welcome and intro
  • 10 min – Presentation by Dr Zuzana Demianova:
    Early access data from the group of Prof Matthias Mann utilizing the BeatBox technology in their research programs.
  • 10 min – Presentation by Katrin Hartinger:
    BeatBox in combination with the iST plus fractionation workflow for in-depth analysis of various tissue proteomes
  • 15 min – Q&A
  • 10 min – BeatBox Live Demo of tissue homogenization


Meet our speakers

Dr Zuzana Demianova

Katrin Hartinger

Zuzana Demianova joined PreOmics in 2021 as a Market Development Manager in BioPharma. She interacts with biopharma/pharma customers to learn their challenges and workflows to fit PreOmics tools. She connects with the sales and R&D team to bring new products to the market based on customer needs. Prior PreOmics, she worked at Sciex, where she started as an application support specialist concentrating on customer support and training. Later on, she was promoted to a global leader in proteomics, which led her to move into a new role as a biopharma application scientist. Over the years, her focus was on omics and biopharma applications using CE and LC-MS technologies.

Katrin Hartinger joined PreOmics in 2019, and works as a Senior Scientist in Research and Development. She studied biochemistry at the University of Regensburg and during her internship in the Mann lab (Max-Planck Institute of Biochemistry, Martinsried), Katrin discovered her passion for LC-MS-based proteomics. Over the last years at PreOmics, Katrin developed several new LC-MS sample preparation kits and now focuses on innovative and easy-to-use solutions for BioPharma applications.

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