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Reset how much you can achieve in a day with the PreON

Introducing the PreON; robust and sensitive proteomic/protein sample preparation workflows for LC-MS analysis. Automation that’s up and running in less than a day!


PreOmics has revolutionized protein sample preparation realizing reliable, reproducible proteomics sample preparation from a wide variety of samples to LC-MS analysis in a single boxed solution. Our customers asked us to take this efficient process to the next level - so we developed a dedicated benchtop robot, the PreON, to bring further efficiency to sample preparation.

Right NOW more than ever before we need to be efficient with our bench time: Discover how the PreON coupled to iST workflows can transform your daily routine, standardizing your results, freeing up your hands & mind and increasing your productivity in proteomics LC-MS analysis. PreON is set up and working on your bench in under half a day, efficiency at its simplest.

How does it make your life easier? Your questions answered by our expert.

  • Introduction to the PreON platform 
  • PreON live demo - see the PreON processing four yeast samples
  • Live Q&A: Fabian Hosp answering your individual questions related to PreON

What can you expect

Dr. Fabian Hosp

Head of Applications at PreOmics

Fabian is our technical expert for 

all questions related to our iST technologies and automation


  • Instantly automates your label-free and chemical labeling workflows with pre-loaded iST and iST-NHS kit protocols
  • Eliminates the inefficiencies of manual processing; prepare 24 samples per day with only 10 minutes total hands-on time
  • Generates standardized and highly reproducible protein LC/MS results
  • Utilizes a wide variety of starting materials; fresh & FFPE tissue lysates, serum, plasma, CSF, Bacteria, yeast
  • 2D Barcode reader for automated sample tracking
  • Operational in under a day & with a full global support network

Relax: the PreON automates your protein sample preparation!

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